Software for Mac Update

Recently we have updated software for Mac. Hope CZUR is a good help for your life and work.

Please find updated features as following:

1. Patterns for Color mode added. Maximum preservation of watermarks and other markings with optimization to image color. Suitable for documents with watermarks;

2. Manual Selection for Processing method added. You can Box select the preferred area in the preview window. The scanning result will only retain the selected area;

3. Combine Sides for Processing method added. You can scan both sides of ID onto the same side of one sheet of paper. Only support ET18 and M3000;

4. You can set Smart paging function before scanning;

5. Auto-scan function added. When you flip the page, the scanner will detect and scan automatically;

6. Batch operation for standardization added;

7. Batch operation for cropping added;

8. Optimized image algorithm of Grayscale mode, B&W mode, single-page cropping;

9. Optimized image algorithm of Contrast, Sharpness and Thickness.