What is DE-slexia ?

One year ago, we, CZUR, started crowdfunding on Indiegogo

for the hero product ET 16(CZUR on Indiegogo). Beyond our

expectation, we’ve got over 3000 supporters for now. An article

appeared, written by Jenn, a mother of child with dyslexia and

made us realise that we could achieve more!

way beyond product per se and we can do something to help

those in need. That’s exactly our purpose and responsibility.


And what is Dyslexia ?

Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is characterised by

trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.


“Dyslexia is not just about reading, or even language. It’s about something more fundamental: How much can the brain adapt to what it has just observed? People with dyslexia typically have less brain plasticity than those without dyslexia.” quote from Mental Floss

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How can CZUR

help people with Dyslexia?

After scanning via CZUR scanner, books can be quickly exported into digital and recognisable file, such as Word, PDF (which can transform into audio file via text-to-speech Apps. In this way, scanners have eased children with dyslexia to “read” and learn.

Action Now

Now, it’s the high time to start.

Any schools, welfare institutions, fraternities which are related to or concerned about dyslexia can apply for it.

Apply here ET16 Application Form

Please send the form as attachment to vic@czur.com, we will

give you the response as soon as possible.

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